I was speaking to a client in a fortune 50 firm the other day. He has a big budget, a large and talented data engineering team, and yet is unable to get basic questions answered on his data in a timely and efficient manner.

The engineering team has done a great job in setting up reports that were scoped out eight months ago. But that was eight months ago. In the ever-changing data landscape, and despite the plethora of talent at their disposal, if a business team asks questions that deviate ever so slightly from the norm (i.e. …

The Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology fields are growing on multiple fronts, including data volume and complexity. The amount of data generated is far larger than the ability to consume or make sense of it. While data volume may sound like a problem, there is another more significant and pressing issue, specifically around existing processes and general accessibility to data.

At Mammoth Analytics, our mission is to provide frictionless access to data across industries and roles. This article focuses on Biotech — the data problems faced by scientists, and the solutions that the Mammoth platform delivers.

The Problem — data access and preparation

In the world of…

Seven Features you Need to Demand in your Next Product

Spreadsheets are the lifeblood software for most organizations. But for a small (and rapidly growing) population of analysts, there is an unmet need for something more. The pains of managing their data are growing on a daily basis with no real solution in sight. The widening gap between Excel users versus SQL or R programmers is becoming a real problem. The most basic set of tasks of managing rows and columns takes unreasonable amounts of time and involves costly resources. …

Gaurav Dudhoria

Founder/CEO, Mammoth Analytics

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